Bread and Bones - Richard Ruane, Beth Duquette, and Mitch Barron

Photo credit- Jeff Clark

Photo credit- Jeff Clark

Three part harmonies, mandolin, tenor guitar, ukulele, acoustic guitar and upright base are the foundation of what has been called “Well crafted, soulful, haunting, rootsy and intelligently infectious music”

Bread and Bones are Richard Ruane, Beth Duquette & Mitch Barron. Formed in 2003, they toured and recorded for 10 years, disbanding in 2013. They reunited in 2017 for a Utah Phillips Museum benefit concert and continue to play occasional concerts. They perform current music from Richard Ruane and Beth Duquette as well as the Bread and Bones catalog. They recorded two albums, “I Know Stories”, which won 2008 Folk Recording of the Year from the Vermont Times Argus, Could Have been a Dream in 2011 and were part of Richard’s 2001 solo record “Things That Strangers Say”.

They were selected for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's 2009 Emerging Artist Showcase and The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Juried Showcases including the Suzie J. Whollenberg DJ Showcase.

They toured throughout New England and beyond, appeared in the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's Emerging Artist Showcase, on Folkstage on WMFT, Chicago, Illinois, on Bound for Glory on WVBR, Ithaca, New York, Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, New York and many other venues throughout the northeast. 

Bread and Bones press quotes and reviews:

“Your singing and harmonies make this DJ's ears very happy. I think that Bread and Bones is a terrific blend of poetry and musicality that makes you a joy to experience.” - Robyne Fawx, KDVS

"Bread and Bones gives a great live show. Their gorgeous 3 part harmonies are the perfect complement to the warm and heartfelt songwriting of Richard Ruane. In their show, they created a playful, warm environment for the audience and kept us all engaged until the last song." - Anna Maria Tocci, Co-owner of the North Star Music Café, Portland, Maine

 "Their playing and singing are crisp and confident: Ruane’s work on guitar is full of finesse and creativity. Ms. Duquette’s harmony and lead vocals are clear and to the point but not overly adorned. And – to my ear at least – Barron’s sparse, deep backing on both upright bass and fretless electric puts the real stamp on this music as original, from-the-shoulder, and very much alive." - Jeff Trippe in

 "Bread & Bones is a trio which has a great variety of material. Many tunes are Richard's, and his music takes you from laughing to pondering. Their great musicianship, tunes and lively stage banter has made them a favorite at The Music Box." - Lisa Sammet, the Music Box, Craftsbury, Vermont

 "Richard Ruane, Beth Duquette and Mitch Barron demonstrated their sophistication as performers Saturday at the Music Box. They shared a warm and spontaneous sense of humor that kept everyone entertained through their almost two dozen songs. Ruane is a skillful player of guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele with a classic folk singers voice, and he composed most of the tunes. Duquette has a particularly lovely, pure voice with fine enunciation. Barron provides an excellent foundation rhythm on his electric bass guitar and upright double bass. Ruane and Duquette harmonize well vocally, that male/female contrast enriching the melodic lines. Traditional folk songs rounded out the interestingly varied repertoire of this group. Ruane's original songs had excellent melodies, combining imaginative lyrics with well-crafted tunes, frequently having demanding instrumental work." - David K. Rodgers, Hardwick Gazette

Bread and Bones discography

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I Know Stories 2008-“The music is delivered tastefully. Ruane's guitar work is crisp and emphatic. Barron is every Vermont folk group's bassist of choice. Duquette's singing is a fine clear alto in perfect step with Ruane. Together the two can sing with the best on record. Finely crafted songs. A sound that is very confident and mature. This trio is headed for the bright lights of folkdom. This CD is highly recommended.” Art Edelstein – Times Argus

Could Have Been A Dream 2011-“A collection of finely written songs, with wonderful vocal performances, and solid instrumental backing to put the whole over with eloquence and grace.” - Oliver di Place, Musings on Music

"The recording is loaded with quality. Ruane is a talented storyteller, painting whole scenes with his lyrics. Duquette has a lovely voice, and her soulfulness shines through. Barron is, for my money, the top acoustic bass player in Vermont. That variety and a solid sound are two of the reasons that Bread and Bones are attracting a growing fan base from the Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. to coffeehouses in Maine and throughout Vermont." Robert Resnick - Seven Days

Things That Strangers Say 2001-"The solo debut from Richard Ruane is a collection of songs that quickly become like good friends upon first meeting. Ruane is adept at the fine art of storytelling put to song, whether it’s about the down-and-out, leaving one’s homeland, or a dark encounter in a Dublin park. His originals speak to different shades of love, joy, mystery and real life. Ruane’s voice has a soothing quality — at times plaintive, at times mirthful, but always expressive. Ruane plugs into his soul’s emotions to bring forth well-crafted songs that speak a universal language, and linger for a long time." Terry Lickona - No Depression